A Wild and Crazy Guy

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With the recent passing of jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, I was reminded of the great times I shared with illustrator Joe Eula, who with Elsa worked alongside American fashion designer Halston in the 70s. Eula was an outrageously fun and colorful character. He had to be to work in the world of fashion, especially during his time. ...

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The Art of Max

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Max Roach was one of my favorite jazz musicians, and to me, one of its most consequential. Along with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and a few others, he ushered in the movement known as Bebop—a riveting style of jazz characterized by complex chord progressions with rapid chord changes and fast tempos that had its ...

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Tom, The Night and The Music

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Tom Jones was and has always been a colorful character. His actual Christian name is Thomas John Woodward. His son, Mark Woodward, was an acquaintance and managed his father. And at one time—around the early 2000s—I had discovered that Tom didn’t have a recording contract after reading a story on him in The Wall Street Journal. ...

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Baby Love, Please Feed Me

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One evening, Diana Ross came to Trattoria Dell’Arte after her show at about five minutes to closing with her spiritual guru Marianne Williamson and six other friends in tow. My jaw literally dropped at the sight of her. She was as fabulously looking in person as all the pictures I had only seen of her ...

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Without a Song But A Plate of Pasta

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During the 90s, I used to see Keith Jarrett quite often as he used to dine at an Italian restaurant across from Carnegie Hall called Trattoria Dell’Arte that I used to manage along with my colleagues Sandra Scandiber, Debra Moore, and Russell Raiteri. At the time, Jarrett was at the peak of his career. With ...

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