A Family Affair

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I started working at The Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center after a few restaurant stints elsewhere in the late 90s. And if there’s one thing about The Sea Grill—aside from its food, that made it so special—was that it was situated next to the ice skating rink where diners could sit and enjoy their meals ...

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Not Just a Tough Guy

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One actor who made a great impression on me was Charles Bronson. He was the epitome of cool—terse, stoic, and macho. Bronson had carved out a successful career in Hollywood by playing heroic tough guys, but that success didn’t come until much later when he starred—at the age of 52!—in Death Wish (1974), which became ...

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Too Hot for Comfort

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Another one of my favorite actors was the great Richard Widmark. Yes, he of the 1940s film noir and gangster films. Widmark had made a career in Hollywood out of playing villains, especially the psychopathic killer in the 1947 gangster film Kiss of Death, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for best-supporting ...

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Fay Wray in the Mist

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It’s not often one meets a Hollywood starlet from the golden age of film. But on one wintry evening in the early 90s, Fay Wray, who enchanted us all in the original version of King Kong, came to dine at Fiorello’s. Canadian-born Wray started her career playing roles in silent comedy shorts before coming to ...

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