I have always been fascinated by people, especially those who have achieved greatness in their respective fields. The way they accomplish extraordinary things and the circumstances that contribute to their success never cease to captivate me. Unfortunately, in today’s society, one can gain fame and wealth simply by posting pictures of themselves on social media. This reality is a sad reflection of our society as a whole. I believe that these social media platforms hinder achievement and distract us from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Charles CarliniThis website is dedicated to celebrating remarkable achievers. It is a collection of my memories from a period of my life spent as a wanderer in New York, building a career in the restaurant and music industries, and the exceptional individuals I encountered along the way. Sometimes, I even reminisce about my upbringing in Miami Beach, where I came across colorful characters who had crossed paths with my mother, and consequently, me. It has been enjoyable to recollect these memories as I have been fortunate enough to meet some extraordinary people. I attribute this largely to the specific time and place I chose to be in. There is truly no city like New York, as it represents the ultimate melting pot. I am grateful for all that this city has given me, and I hope it continues to provide in the future.

I have named this blog “Close Encounters” because that’s precisely what these experiences are—special moments with some of history’s greatest influencers and innovators. This website allows me to expand upon what I had previously shared on my Facebook wall, as it provides an opportunity for unexpected details, which have faded in my aging memory, to resurface. Feel free to read these random posts at your leisure. If you enjoy them, please let me know, as your feedback motivates me to continue documenting these episodes and brief encounters that have enriched my life.


Charles Carlini
New York, NY